• EuroHunters is a fast-growing recruitment agency with its roots in Poland. We distinguish ourselves in recruiting and selecting professionals from Central and East Europe to work in the Gulf Region (Dubai in particular).
  • Our experts have significant experience in working in the GCC countries which allows us to provide quality recruitment services tailored to the Middle East job market. Moreover, our Candidates receive counselling which helps increase their awareness of the local culture and ease their assimilation to new work and life environment.
  • We actively hunt for the best job opportunities in the GCC companies (we focus on Dubai in particular due to EXPO 2020).
  • We take responsibility and verify every GCC company, which submits a job offer to us, in order to ensure our Applicants complete information, safety and satisfaction.
  • We use modern and effective recruitment methods and selection tools which is why our Candidates are highly qualified European professionals at all levels. We make every effort to recruit Candidates who not only possess the right kind of skills and experience but have also proved to be hard-working, reliable and loyal.
  • At Eurohunters we aim at ‘win-win’ solutions, i.e. mutually beneficial for employers and job seekers. In order to deliver such solutions we approach every Client individually and thoroughly analyse every job offer and every job application.
  • We GET THE JOB DONE and we always remember that every job is done by and for people.
  • Our service continually monitors our Clients’ satisfaction throughout our cooperation; our experts are available for you 24/7 to assist you and answer any questions.



To employ not only great people, but right people.



Successfully connect the GCC employers with European job seekers for their mutual benefit



DRIVE for EFFECTIVENESS and COMMITMENT to our Clients’ short-term and long-term hiring success

EXCELLENCE of human resources and job opportunities


EXPERTISE in using modern and effective recruitment methods and selection tools

DIVERSITY of employment options because we appreciate that every individual and every organisation has unique employment needs

Source of INSPIRATION for people to dream more, do more and become more