EuroHunters specialises in recruiting BOTH INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONALS at all levels and WHOLE PROJECT TEAMS from Eastern and Central Europe to work in the GCC countries.

We value your time. Whatever kind of human resources you need, we are dedicated to providing you with the choice of excellent European candidates who are eligible for the vacancy you want to fill. We also offer you more advanced HR solutions which save your time, money and effort (e.g. building complete and integrated project teams). If you want more information, please read on. 


We commit ourselves to:

  • analysing carefully the specifics of your vacant post (and your organisational culture) in order to recruit the Candidates who fit the profile in terms of skills, experience and personality
  • conducting the initial stage of selection to identify the most eligible professionals for your vacancy
  • setting up (for you or your HR representative) a job interview with the selected Candidates
  • sending you all the necessary documentation that you need to make an informed decision about offering a contract to the Candidate(s) of your choice
  • informing your chosen Candidate(s) about the scope of theirfuture responsibilities as your Employee(s) – at your request,we assist you (or your HR representative) in introducing your new Employee to the specifics of his new role
  • assisting you in going through all the formalities necessary in order to enable the Candidate(s) to travel to your country and commence working at your company
  • monitoring the level of satisfaction throughout our cooperation

We maintain the highest standards in terms of recruiting and selecting the best human resources, as well as fulfilling our commitments towards both Applicants and Employers.