Here are the stages of the recruitment process at EuroHunters:

  1. Registration 
    The first stage of the recruitment process is registering to our database. Note: registration and recruitment process is FREE OF CHARGE AND DOES NOT PLACE YOU UNDER ANY OBLIGATION. In order to successfully register you need to fill in the application form and upload your CV (written in English) together with your photo. Also, you need to be of full legal age and speak English (read more at Registration).
  2. Initialselection
     If your CV meets EuroHunters formal requirements, our representative will contact you (usually within 48 hours) in order to conduct a short verification interview or set up a convenient date for such an interview. You are then officially accepted as EuroHunters Applicant OR you areadvised what action you need to take to qualify next time you apply.
  3. Professional Profile 
    This stage of the recruitment process does not involve any action on your side. EuroHunters HR experts create your Professional Profile which becomes part of our database. Your fields of expertise are analysed and assigned to appropriate categories. Consequently, our Applicant Search Engine will select your application every time there is a vacancy that matches your qualifications.
  4. Job Hunting 
    Having created your Professional Profile, we can now actively hunt for the best job opportunities for you.
  5. Selection (preliminary job interview) 
    When EuroHunters finds a suitable vacancy for you, you are invited for a preliminary job interview which is conducted in English in our Office (see Contac Us to check location) or via Skype. If you prove to be the right Candidate for the vacant post, you are then contacted directly with your potential Employer. Also, at this stage our experts can give you useful bits of advice which you may find very helpful when preparing for your final job interview with your potential Employer.
  6. Final job interview with an Employer 
    This is the last stage of the recruitment process and now everything is up to you. The final decision about offering you the vacant post lies with the Employer. You, however, are entitled to decide whether or not to accept such a job offer. If – for whatever reason - you reject it, EuroHunters Recruitment Agency will continue to search for another vacancy you may be interested in. We do this for 3 consecutive months. Do not worry if your recruitment process is not successfully finalised within this period of time because your Professional Profile remains in our database (unless you decide otherwise and withdraw your consent) and it is taken under consideration every time a suitable vacancy turns up. In practise it means that you will hear from us when an Employer submits a job offer which matches your qualifications.