Sometimes regular recruitment of individual employees may be too time-consuming or simply not enough for the overall success of your organisation. For example, when you need to employ an expert or a whole project team dedicated to performing certain kind of tasks. Should such a situation arise, EuroHunters offer you tailor-made solutions:  

  • expanded selection stage

    If needed, our experts can conduct for you expanded selection of applicants. Such a solution is advised whenever you need to fill a vacancy that requires technical skills or expertise in certain fields. Our experts use a wide range of selection tools, such as: skills assessment, psychological tests,
    reference and background checks as well as a face-to-face interview to access how an applicant fits into the workplace culture.

    ADVANTAGES: performing expanded selection of professionals in their country of origin and in their native tongue is more effective, reliable and cost-effective than doing so in a foreign country for a number of reasons, such as: travel costs, language barrier and stress associated with a new environment. Furthermore, outsourcing your selection work is beneficial as it does not consume time of your in-house HR resources, which you can then allocate to some other vital tasks.

  • complete project teams or executive teams

    EuroHunters give you the opportunity to recruit complete teams of executives or teams of people who will work together on a project or perform a specific task. If required, these teams may undergo expanded selection process, training in a specific field of expertise and/or integration workshops, which will guarantee that these are not only groups of professionals who possess the right kind of experience and set of skills, but are also internally integrated and highly effective operational units.

    Our experts apply powerful coaching and team effectiveness tools (e.g. Insights Discovery) which will ensure that you employ a team of people who have the awareness of their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses, and are capable of adapting to each other to improve their team effectiveness.

    ADVANTAGES: this solution simplifies a multi-staged team-building process and as a result you skip the stage of selecting individual employees and then hoping they can actually perform as a team and achieve expected results. More importantly, you increase your chances for avoiding misunderstandings, frustration, rotation and replacement of team members who underperform.

  • multicultural team building and integration

    Additionally, or alternatively, to the two above-mentioned solutions, EuroHunters offer you multicultural team building and integration workshops which can be conducted in English at your location. We can design workshops dedicated to integrating your newly employed European professionals with other members of your personnel and/or introducing them to their new scope of duties and responsibilities. Again, for this purpose we use worldwide recognised tools, like Insights Discovery.

    In order to design workshops, which serve your employment purposes best, our experts can cooperate with your HR department and familiarise themselves with the tools which are already being used for coaching purposes in your organisation.

    ADVANTAGES: integrating staff members from different cultural backgrounds will increase both individual and collective effectiveness of people working in multicultural environment. Conducting this kind of workshops at the actual place of work has the additional advantage of helping people adapt to their real workplace and will significantly reduce time needed for preparing a newly hired foreigner to commence their duties at the high level of performance. This is particularly true when it comes to customer service or teamwork.