1. Our practical knowledge of culture and job market. 

    Due to our good understanding of job markets as well as cultural and economic realities of the GCC countries (in particular UAE) we can provide quality recruitment services tailored to the Middle East companies.

    At your request, EuroHunters experts may introduce the Candidates of your choice to your local customs, culture and everyday realities which will improve their social capabilities once they arrive to your country.

    ADVANTAGES: you save time and effort you would otherwise need to invest in making new employees aware of certain culture-specific issues; you avoid potentially embarrassing situations, misunderstandings and confusion. 

  2. We recruit the best 

     We are committed to your short and long-term hiring success thus we use modern and effective recruitment methods and selection tools to find the best match for your recruitment needs at all levels of your organisation.

    We make every effort to recruit talented, reliable and competent professionals who have a lot of initiative, are self-motivated and able to show independence of thought, and critical self-awareness about their own actions, beliefs and commitments. Moreover, when selecting candidates for work which involves customer service (e.g. in ‘Hospitality Industry’), we put emphasise on strong communication skills and sophistication

    Our main goal, however, is to ENABLE YOU TO EMPLOY NOT ONLY A GREAT PERSON, BUT THE RIGHT PERSON, thus we take time and effort to understand your hiring needs and objectives. When needed, our experts will cooperate with your HR department in order to get to know your personnel strategy as well as selection tools which are used in your organisation. This will allow us to adapt our screening methods accordingly.

     We continually expand our database of Central and Eastern European professionals. We do not limit our scope of interest to job seekers only, but actively reach out to people who are open to better job opportunities. To ensure validity of our database, we conduct verification interview with every Applicant who submits their CV with us. 

    We always make sure that the TIME NEEDED TO RECRUIT THE RIGHT PERSON IS AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE, however some vacancies may take longer to fill in. This is particularly true when it comes to hiring executives, managers, specialists and experts. If the appropriate Candidate(s) cannot be found in our existing database, we use databases of our trusted recruitment partners as well as conduct extensive advertised search including, but not limited to, social recruiting and, if necessary, direct search.

    As a second stage, we pre-select recruited applicants in a thorough screening process. Our experts check candidates’ references and rigorously review their experience and capabilities to make certain that they meet the essential criteria for the role. Additionally, all candidates must undergo an interview with one of our consultants where they are assessed on overall professionalism, demeanour, fluency in English and other job-specific qualities.

    ADVANTAGES: you invest your time only in conducting final job interviews with the most promising candidates; you minimise the total hiring cost, maximising your long-term hiring success.

    Tailor-made employment solutions